Sidhartha Developers – a Real Estate Company with head office located in Gurgaon, take into accountability the privacy of our clients and users who visit our websites. The Privacy Policy of Sidhartha Developers explains how we collect and use information for promotional works, informational mailings, newsletters and other offers that we tend to provide. With the usage of the above said services you agree to the collection and use of your information by Sidhartha Developers as outlined in this Privacy Policy. The Privacy policy is elaborated as below:

  1. Information that we collect is secured:

The information as given by our Clients and users is private and we do not share with anyone. The authencity of the information is kept in Mind while collecting any amount of information. Information like user name and email Id is secured and under no circumstance the information is given out. We have a team that looks into account the delicate information and stop any route of the information getting leaked.

  1. What do we do with the personal information collected:

The user information that is collected help us maintain a record of the number of people visiting our site. Any Personal Information such as phone number, address, email id etc is on a voluntary basis.

We tend to use the personal Information to send information, notices , service messages about our company and also about our future endeavors. To keep the communication going we tend to require the information.

Kindly Note No financial information is stored with us in our office record as well as our company website.

  1. The content provided:

Our company will be wholly responsible for maintaining and keeping of the content provided by the client and the protection of the data agreement will be signed by both the parties. The client must not provide any data to the third party or use services with other company while in terms of agreement with us. No defamatory language should be used while the content of the client is handed to Sidhartha Developers. By Content the client should provide information in written form about the services required to fulfill the target result.

  1. Social media use:

Our company  website uses the social media widgets and Facebook button. These features may collect your IP address and may set a cookie to enable the feature to work properly. Social media widgets are hosted by a third – party.

  1. Cookies:

We use cookies to enable navigating our website easily. Once you close your browser the session cookie for that particular session expires. A persistent cookie helps us store our user’s information and once the information is registered, the next time the user is not troubles to give in the information again. This way we can track the user’s usage behavior and help us improve our website.

  1. Contacting Us:

If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we will use your email id and name to send the newsletter either on weekly or monthly basis. Out of respect for your privacy if you wish to unfollow us then you can unsubscribe our newsletter service by simply clicking the unsubscribe button.

The company website may not allow you to access the account and will provide the reason for stopping the access. A monthly newsletter service and as well as promotional emails are provided to make aware of our services.

You can contact our Office for any queries, complaints or questions regarding our service. Your question will be resolved within 24 hours or above as it may depend.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and will be informed to its subscribers over email.

Last updated privacy policy is as on 13 January, 2017.



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